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[ACCEPTED] Mage Application

IRL-InformationName: JoelAge: 24Gender: Non-gender specificOccupation (School/Work): UnemployedFrom: SwedistanIn-game InformationCharacter name: Lexii Armory link: guild:...
Member avatar small Lexii 35d
Lexii2181Small Aghanym 34d

[ACCEPTED] Rogue Application

IRL-InformationName: MaciekAge: 27Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): finishing up university/unemployedFrom: PolandIn-game InformationCharacter name: DegielArmory link:
Member avatar small degiel 35d
degiel1113Member avatar small degiel 35d

[ACCEPTED] Restoration Shaman Application

IRL-Information Name: RossAge: 24Gender: Prefer not to sayOccupation (School/Work): Shipyard Welder/Pipefitter From: Glasgow, Scotland, UKIn-game InformationCharacter name: Menzormin (soon to be Menamin) Armory link: Will update once name change g...
Member avatar small Menamin 35d
Menamin092Member avatar small Menamin 35d

[ACCEPTED] Feral Druid Application

IRL-InformationName: DanielAge: 19Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Unemployed, StudyingFrom: NorwayIn-game InformationCharacter name: TrollsaftArmory link: ArmoryCurrent/Previous guild: Aggressive AuthorityReason for why you've left/will leav...
Member avatar small Trollsaft 47d
Trollsaft2173Small Motozzi 45d

[ACCEPTED] Hunter Application

IRL-InformationName: SebastianAge: 20Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): StudentFrom: AustriaIn-game InformationCharacter name: ByrønshunterArmory link: guild:...
Member avatar small Byrøn 54d
Byrøn3188Small Motozzi 45d

[ACCEPTED]Application Elemental Shaman Shearleader

IRL-InformationName: WallisAge: 22Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Part time studentFrom: BelgiumIn-game InformationCharacter name: ShearleaderArmory link: gui...
Small Shearleader 84d
Shearleader2237Small Tabulator 83d

[ACCEPTED] Protection Paladin - Lynchburg

IRL-InformationName: VictorAge: 29Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): QA TesterFrom: RomaniaIn-game InformationCharacter name: LynchburgArmory link: guild: Plan B ...
Member avatar small Lynchburg 94d
Lynchburg2194Small Motozzi 94d

[ACCEPTED] Resto Druid

IRL-InformationName: HrvojeAge: 25Gender: maleOccupation (School/Work): working at "nursing home" night shifts (from 01:00)From: CroatiaIn-game InformationCharacter name: Madseeker-RavencrestArmory link: Armory Link- MadseekerCurrent/Previous guil...
Member avatar small Madseeker 97d
Madseeker2191Small Motozzi 96d

[ACCEPTED] Application - Tank Application Påvaldk

IRL-InformationName: PåvelAge: 20Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Sadly I am a basement camper so I do nuthin'From: SwedenIn-game Information Character name: PåvaldkArmory link:
Member avatar small Påvaldk 105d
Påvaldk2174Small Motozzi 105d

[ACCEPTED] Resto Shaman

IRL-InformationName: ConorAge: 21Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): NothingFrom: UKIn-game InformationCharacter name: AplshamanArmory link: guild: AlkalineReason f...
Member avatar small Apl 120d
Apl2180Small Tabulator 119d

[ACCEPTED] Application

IRL-InformationName: Ole Morten MartinsenAge: 20Gender: Male Occupation (School/Work): NothingFrom: NorwayIn-game InformationCharacter name: BananbrusArmory link: gui...
Member avatar small Ole Morten 127d
Ole Morten2206Small Motozzi 127d

[ACCEPTED] Mage Application

IRL-InformationName: Preben HAge: 21Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): TV InstallerFrom: NorwayIn-game InformationCharacter name: DeameArmory link: guild: HuhuholicsR...
Member avatar small Deame 145d
Deame2193Small Motozzi 143d

[ACCEPTED] Mage/war - Kaijuqt

Hello FWD!Since I just got back to Legion, after I took a long break, I started to talk to my old friend Tabulator. We talked for a while and after I declared to him that I wanted to start raiding again he encouraged me to apply to you. I currentl...
Small Kaijuqt 143d
Kaijuqt2164Small Motozzi 143d

[ACCEPTED] Guild Application

IRL-InformationName: MelanieAge: 21Gender: FemaleOccupation (School/Work): BaristaFrom: Norway In-game InformationCharacter name: YoghurtgurlArmory link: guild: Dea...
Member avatar small Yoghurtgurl 148d
Yoghurtgurl4334Small Cybele 148d

[ACCEPTED] Resto Druid Application

IRL-InformationName: NickAge: 22Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Currently at UniversityFrom: UKIn-game InformationCharacter name: KerrigarArmory link: guild: Van...
Member avatar small Kerrigar 167d
Kerrigar2196Small Bootywizard 165d

[ACCEPTED] Mistweaver Monk Application

IRL-InformationName: TobiasAge: 22Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Computer Science studentFrom: DenmarkIn-game InformationCharacter name: PandroxArmory link: gui...
Member avatar small Pandrox 170d
Pandrox2192Small Motozzi 170d

[ACCEPTED] WW Monk Application

IRL-InformationName: ConnorAge: 20Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Cave manFrom: EnglandIn-game InformationCharacter name: KimjongluneArmory link: guild: Scr...
Member avatar small Elune 194d
Elune3351Small Aghanym 194d

[ACCEPTED] Resto Shaman Application

IRL-InformationName: ClausAge: 27Gender: Male hello?Occupation (School/Work): Fixing luxury cars, Lambos, Ferraris etc for a company called CarclubFrom: DenmarkIn-game InformationCharacter name: MudmvpArmory link:
Member avatar small Mud 195d
Mud0193Member avatar small Mud 195d

[ACCEPTED] [9/10] Shadow Priest app

IRL-InformationName: MiguelAge: 31 Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Working (programmer)From: SpainIn-game InformationCharacter name: Yotmatow Armory link: (Logged off with myth...
Member avatar small Yotmatow 196d
Yotmatow3214Member avatar small Yotmatow 196d

[ACCEPTED] Shadow Priest [On ravencrest] Application

IRL-InformationName: CasperAge: 23Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Studying, to up my grades for fysiotherapy. (currently going well (y)From: DenmarkIn-game InformationCharacter name: ákayaArmory link:
Member avatar small Akaya 207d
Akaya2239Small Motozzi 200d